Ruling Planets

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Ruling Planets: Everything You Need to Know to Access the REAL Power of Your Zodiac Sign by Christopher Renstrom

Everyone knows that your birthday says something special about your personality. But do you know why? It's because on the day you were born a certain planet was powerful in the sky and this planet became your Ruling Planet. This is why each of us has our own unique take on life and why there are as many points of view as there are stars in the heavens. Your Ruling Planet acts like a Patron Saint or Guardian Angel. You share its temperament, characteristics, talents, and even foibles. Unlike your zodiac sign, which is static, your Ruling Planet is in constant motion. It changes and grows as you change and grow. Moreover, like a weather report, it tells you what to expect so that you can navigate your way through life and your relationships. Drawing on this older and more interactive tradition, Christopher Renstrom focuses exclusively on your Ruling Planet and the collaborative role it plays in nearly every decision you make.

624 pages, 7⅞ x 9 inches, 3¼ pounds.

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