iAstroDaily 2017

iAstroDaily 2017 is an adaptation of Jim Maynard's Celestial Calendars (Celestial Influences, Pocket Astrologer, Celestial Guide and Astrologer's Datebook) for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

iAstroDaily 2017 shows the 2017 calendar, one day’s square at a time, using the same format as the lower pages of the Celestial Influences with information regarding the Moon transits, void of course, ingresses, and lunar cycle, as well as the planetary aspects and celebrity birthdays.

Tap on a name of someone who has the current date as a birthday will bring up a biography of that person on Wikipedia, if it is available.
Tap a lunar ingress in the upper right of a date cell, the descriptions of the moon in the sign will display.

iAstroDaily 2017 can be used as a daily planner, with the ability to customize each day with appointments, memos, and notes. Notifications can be set and appointments can be repeating.

iAstroDaily 2017 adjusts to the time zone you have selected in your device settings for Date and Time. If your locale does not observe Daylight Saving Time, you can reset the pages to standard time.

It also includes a zoomable ephemeris, asteroid ephemeris, a chart and table of planetary motions and stations, eclipse information, planets visible in the morning or evening, Chinese New Year, most visible meteor showers, phases of the Moon, perigee, apogee, occultations, Sunrise/Sunset, and table of ascendants. These can be zoomed.

Descriptions are included for the Signs, Planets, Moon through the Signs, Aspects, Moon void-of-course, the Lunar Cycle. Also, a full 2017 calendar on a single page is included.

While looking at a day's data, rotate the iPhone and it displays a monthly calendar showing retrograde periods. It also shows the entire month’s data in either Pacific or Eastern Time.

iAstroDaily 2017 is designed and programmed by Jim Maynard and Doug Kellogg of Astrology3D.

iAstroDaily 2017 works only on Apple devices — the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It does not work on Android devices, Windows phones, the Nook, Kindle, etc.

For Android devices, computers, all devices that display PDFs, order the Digital Pocket Astrologer instead. Eastern Time version here or the Pacific Time version here.
iAstroDaily 2017 only covers 2017. It does not continue into 2018, 2019, etc.

The 2017 edition is NOW available.

Find it in the App Store iAstroDaily 2017 $5.99

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