2020 Lower Calendar Pages: Celestial Influences Eastern Time


We didn’t intend to produce any versions of the 2020 Celestial Calendars. The choices from other publishers were so disappointing that we finally had to do something.

This a PDF of the twelve lower calendar pages for the 2020 Celestial Influences. A PDF is a downloadable document. It is not a physical item to be shipped.

We have added two tables of the Retrograde and Direct Stations for 2020, but nothing else is included.

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Your copy will be password protected. It is printable. Also, each page lists at the bottom, “Licensed to Your Name, Email: (your email address)”.

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Do not call us to purchase this item. Do not mail a check to us. Do not ask us to print and mail copies of the PDF. This product must be downloaded.

This is the Eastern Time version. Order the Pacific Time version here.

This is the 2020 edition. It is not 2021.

We have marked these as out-of-stock to keep people from accidentally purchasing the 2020s when they expect the 2021s.

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