2014 Anita Nairne Cover


Celestial Note Cards feature various zodiac and cover illustrations from Jim Maynard’s Celestial Calendars.

This image was the cover for the 2000 and 2014 Celestial Calendars. It is by Anita Nairne from British Columbia, Canada. She also did the zodiac illustrations for the 2000/2014 Celestial Calendars.

The original painting is available for purchase. It is acrylic on canvas almost 30 x 40-inches (39-7/16 wide x 29-5/8 high). The paint for the zodiac glyphs are built up to where there is a 3-dimensional effect (see the last image above).

Cards are 5 x 7 on a heavy stock with white envelopes.

The price is reduced to offset our shipping & handling charges which are geared to our calendars.

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