Astrology in Ashland.
Astrology in Ashland, Oregon, SONCGR, the Southern Oregon chapter of NCGR, the National Council for Geocosmic Research Inc.
The Handbook for Reading the Yearly Astrological Calendar
Anold Lane’s The Handbook for Reading the Yearly Astrological Calendar: Celestial Navigation for Seekers of the Heavens which is an innovative companion book for reading Jim Maynard’s Celestial Guide and Astrologer’s Datebook.
Dana Gerhardt.
Dana Gerhardt’s web page for her MoonPrint reports.
Birthing the Luminous Self
Barry Martin Snyder and Karen Anderson. Soul-Based Astrology.
Rob Hand
The Archive for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts functions to procure, protect and publish translations of historical astrological works and secondary source material for all serious astrologers and scholars.
Astro Numeric Service
AstroNumeric is now closed. They were the original source for computerized astrological charts. They started way back in the late 60s. AstroNumeric had helped us to make custom fonts and get typesetting done for the 1978 through 1984 calendars.
Astrology 3D
Learn about astrology: Introductory text for the planets, aspects, signs, houses, element, asteroids, the lunar cycle, the Moon in the signs, lunar planting, and Mercury retrograde.
Rosiland Solomon
Roz Solomon is the artist who illustrated the 2005 Celestial Calendars (also used in the 1992 calendars) and part of the 1975 Celestial Calendars. She has cards for sale with the 2005 zodiac artwork.
Rich Normandin — artist
Rich Normandin is the artist who illustrated the 2015 Celestial Calendars. Rich is an award-winning artist with over twenty-five years experience. He and his wife live in New England. See more about Rich and see more of his artwork at his web site.