. …Errata/Comments will include a list of errors/corrections for the current calendars as well as comments.

1. We are not publishing Celestial Calendars for 2020. There will be no printed versions or apps. Please do not email us or call us to vent your frustrations or anger. 

2. For the 2019 calendars the last eclipse of the year has the wrong longitude in the list of eclipses in Phenomena. It says:

VI. Annular Eclipse of the Sun December 26, 8° Capricorn 12″. It should be 4° Capricorn 07″ like it shows on the December calendar pages. 

This is true for all of the 2019 printed calendars.

3. In Celestial Influences 2019, on the upper page for November, the last line of the description for Scorpio should have been the Keywords. It should have:

Keywords: resourceful, secretive, passionate, intense, transformational.


4.  The Pocket Astrologer 2019 Pacific Time has two aspects missing from June 14th.  Here is the corrected list of aspects from the Pacific wall calendar.

5. The Full Moon in May is a Blue Moon. This is not a “mistake”. A Blue Moon is the third Full Moon of a season that has four Full Moons.

An amateur astronomer (James Hugh Pruett, 1886–1955) misunderstood the definition of a Blue Moon. He wrote that a Blue Moon was the second Full Moon in a month in an article published in Sky & Telescope magazine in 1946.

This erroneous definition spread, particularly after it was quoted in a popular radio program called StarDate in 1980 and then appeared as an answer in a 1986 version of the board game Trivial Pursuit. Today, it is considered a “second definition” rather than a mistake and is often referred to now as an “Old Style Blue Moon”.

Sometimes a real Blue Moon is now referred to as a “seasonal” Blue Moon.