. …Errata/Comments will include a list of errors/corrections for the current calendars as well as comments.

1.  For the 2018 calendars a customer has found an error. In the Pocket Astrologer Eastern Time and the Celestial Influences Eastern Time on August 20, 2018 it lists the Moon going into Capricorn at 11:59 am. It should be 11:59 pm.
The Pacific versions of Celestial Influences and the Pocket Astrologer, Celestial Guide, and Astrologer’s Datebook all have it correctly listed as 8:59 pm PDST and 11:59 pm EDST.

2.  A customer has written complaining that our calendars must be wrong because there is no Full Moon in February. Well, this does happen about every 19–20 years. The Lunar Cycle is 29-1/2 days while February is usually 28 days. So it is possible to have any phase of the Moon occur the very end of January and not again until the beginning of March.


4.  In the . . .