. …Errata/Comments will include a list of errors/corrections for the current calendars as well as comments.

1.  For the 2017 calendars there is an error in that the Shipping & Handling tables on the last page of the Pocket Astrologer is wrong. The correct S&H charges are here on the “Ordering/Shipping” page of the web site.

2.  In the Pocket Astrologer 2017  the Qradrantids meteor showers should have been listed on January 4th.

3.  Comment: We have received a lot of complaints for going back to the abbreviated (we call it the WD ephemeris for “whole degree”) next to the illustration in Celestial Influences instead of the one that has degrees and minutes (and included the Moon). 

      Whenever we use square or round artwork, there isn’t enough room on the upper Celestial Influences calendar pages for an ephemeris with degrees and minutes.

      Of the forty-four years I’ve been doing the calendars, thirty-one years of Celestial Influences have had artwork as wide as tall.

      Only eleven years have had rectangular artwork and the degree-minute ephemeris next to the illustration. 

      The 1997 Celestial Calendars were the first to have rectangular artwork.

      That first year we received tons of complaints for doing so. People said they were cheated because the illustrations were “smaller”. Many also told us that it was ridiculous to have the degree-minute ephemeris taking up so much room when a larger, more complete version was available in the back of the calendar.

      Despite all the complaints, I liked the design with rectangular artwork much better. The lay-outs for pages with illustrations just seem more balanced. And my preference since the 1997 calendars has been always to choose rectangular (narrower) over square or round illustrations.

      All of the artwork (zodiac illustrations and the covers) of the 2017 calendars are from the 1988 calendars. Back then the illustrations were black & white. We wanted to reuse them. It was more work to go back to square artwork for the 2017 calendars as I had to rebuild some pages, ads, etc.

      The only years to have had rectangular artwork and the degree/minutes ephemeris next to the Celestial Influences zodiac illustration are:
1997, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006–2010, 2012–2016.
The years with artwork as wide as tall are: 1974 through 1996, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2011, 2017.

      For the 2017 Pocket Astrologer upper calendar pages, because the artwork is wider, I removed the North Node of the Moon from the abbreviated WD ephemeris. This allowed the type to be larger as opposed to miniscule.