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iAstroDaily is for the iPhone and its cousins (iPad, iPod-touch). The 2013 iAstroDaily is not compatible with Android devices. Nor does it work on the Nook or Kindle.

Version 1.1 is available at the App Store as of January 23rd. The new version fixes numerous problems and includes additional features.

The 1.0 version was stuck in Pacific Time which is fixed. We have also added a page showing a full year’s calendar for 2013. Notes for each day can now be edited and deleted. You can have up to 15 separate notes per day. Each day’s square displays at the top the day of the week, month, day, and year. And the new version of the app will be compatible for devices running as old as iOS 5.1

We are still working on making the static pages (text, ephemeris, etc.) zoomable, but that will not be included until the next update.

If you need to contact us, you may also reach us by mail, phone, or fax at:
P.O. Box 340, Dept. WS-14
Ashland, Oregon 97520 U.S.A.
541-482-5343   FAX: 888-974-6462